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Regal Coffee is a revealer, manufacturer, supplier, retailer and wholesaler of the greatest varieties of high-quality coffee across the whole England. We offer to our customers best coffee beans on the market. Making a good coffee is an art. Regal Coffee selects the tops sorts, combine them in a unique way and creates for you the perfect cup of coffee. The irresistible taste and fascinating aroma will touch the senses of even the most demanding of you. We aim to achieve the best customer service, excellent prices and fast delivery.

Roasting coffee – this is a complex process that requires a lot of practical knowledge and skills, and most of all great love. You can rely on us! We will provide you with the excellent quality, always fresh coffee beans on the best wholesale coffee prices. The passion for coffee and the pursuit of perfect taste, put the company among the leading producers in England. Important for us are the quality of services, professionalism in every detail, flexibility and feedback of our customers.

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Coffee – inspiration and passion

If your day begins with a cup of hot, strong and aromatic coffee, make this moment unforgettable. We understand your passion and share it, because, for us, coffee is our way of life. If you can distribute or simply sell coffee and want to earn more, but you’re not willing to pay for expensive coffee or of poor quality, or simply can not make the right choice on the market – this is not necessary. Create your own coffee and sell it under your own brand. We will satisfy all your needs.

Regal Coffee Premium Roasters and Blenders is your trusted partner!

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How drinking Coffee could be adding years to your life!

  A study that researched poor lifestyle choices like skipping exercise and indulging in red meat also found that those who drank one or more cups off coffee a day lowered their risk of dying from lifestyle-related health problems over the period of ten years! People who regularly drink large amount of coffee are less…


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Barista, or the science of the perfect coffee

The work of the barista depends on the type of the machine If you are very dedicated coffee lovers, surely you are familiar with the traits of good “barista”. The word that comes from the Italian language means precisely bartender who makes coffee and caffeinated beverages and operates with an espresso machine. It sounds simple,…


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Organic coffee

You can get your daily dose of caffeine without damaging yourself and the planet. Coffee is one of the most common and traded commodities in the world with nearly 120 million sacks of coffee produced annually. Most consumers have learned to recognise Coffee variety, origin, brand and have a preference for the method of preparation…